Potable Water

NOMADIC™ Potable Water Treatment

NOMADIC™ is a global provider of custom made water purification systems. The NOMADIC™ re-locatable water purification technology is built to the highest of standards and is custom designed to purify the source water found at almost any location.

Utilizing high-performance filtration elements, the NOMADIC™ Water Purification System offers a 99.8% rejection rate of foreign objects before chlorination and final purification.

NOMADIC™ offers a number of different filtration technologies, depending on the water purification needs. To provide the highest quality drinking water, we use a Reverse Osmosis system with an optional Ion Exchange system.


By sourcing your water purification systems with NOMADIC™ you will have access to the combined knowledge of experienced industry experts. After a water analysis is performed on your source water, we will determine what level of filtration is required to supply your remote work camp with pure drinkable water.

Our water purification systems are built in one container and arrive on-site ready to be connected to the water source. NOMADIC’s™ “all-in-one-container” water purification solution will ensure that your work camp is supplied with adequate amounts of potable water.

A common problem seen in the industry is the environmental concerns regarding the material (concentrate) that is rejected from the purification process. NOMADIC™ has designed a concentrate disposal system that will prevent environmental contamination and help you conform to government regulations.


Water Purification Technologies

The re-locatable design means that any wide range of water sources need to be considered in the system’s design and equipment specifications. Other than water sources with manganese or very heavy metal concentration or nitrate, NOMADIC™employs the following proven technologies to manage almost any water source.

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