Consulting Services


Consultancy Services provided include but are not limited to the following:

1. Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering Design Services including

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering Design Services includinga. Conceptual design / preliminary design study on wastewater treatment issues.
  • Detailed Engineering Design (Engineering Calculations, Bioreactors sizing & Equipment sizing)

2. WWTP Engineering Design

  • Plant Lay Out.
  • Engineering Simulations and Prediction / Projection of Final Effluent Quality

3. WWTP Assessment & WWTP Upgrading

  • Review and Analysis of Non-performing Existing Wastewater Treatment systems / Facilities.
  • Review and Analysis of Existing WWTP Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Protocols

4. Technical Advice & WWT Technology Recommendations;

  • MBR systems
  • Suspended-Growth systems (Conventional activated sludge CAS; Extended Aeration - EA; Step Feed Aeration systems; etc.)
  • NOMADIC™ AGBR© (Attached-Growth Biological Reactors) & Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC)

5. Independent Review

  • WWTP engineering designs prepared by others (Contractors and Consultants, etc.);
  • WWTP operation and maintenance protocols

6. Oversight & Following Tasks:

  • Control and ensure quality of feasibility/technical studies, engineering designs proposed by Contractors/Consultants, according to applicable standards and regulations
  • Review and provide technical input on feasibility studies, engineering designs submitted by Consultants and/or Contractors;
  • Propose, in consultation with Client, responses to questions raised by Contractors/Consultants during the preparation of engineering designs;
  • Participate in field technical verification and supervision;
  • Provide input to project progress report (e.g., quarterly);
  • Assist Client on wastewater treatment technical matters

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