Carry-On Water Treatment Device

Surface Water - Personal Portable Water Maker

Patent Pending

Multi-Stage surface water treatment provides for various source water to be extracted and treated
to drinking water standards.

The source water can be directed to pass through all of the components or by-pass the components
that the source water does not need to pass through (at the discretion of the operator).

Power supply to operate the system is provided by a hand crank generator that produces AC / DC
for 24 V DC and 115 V AC, therefore the system is not dependent on external energy sources (such as solar).

Quiet operation means that the system can produce drinking water almost without sound in locations or situations that require no sound detection.


Pelican Case

Dimensions Outside:

24.64” x 19.39” x 13.78” (62.6 x 49.2 x 35 cm)

Empty weight with foam: 24.62 lbs. (11.17 kg)
Loaded Weight: 40 lbs.
Optional HD Backpack (not shown)



Main Operational Component Overview


Water and Electricity Flow Paths


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